By: admin | May 27, 2016

“Just wanted to call and let you know what a difference your product has made for us. My husband has suffered from Reiter’s syndrome, a kind of arthritis, since he was 32. I picked up a bottle of Relev-X when I saw it on special because I figured it was worth a try. It took him about a month to start feeling results but once he did it made such a difference. This stuff is phenomenal. My husband has suffered so much, some days he couldn’t sleep. But since taking Relev-X now he feels just great. It is a phenomenal product, I am so glad I tried it!”


Dianne B.

Fergus, Ontario

By: admin | February 13, 2015

Kim, Gardena California-
"I have diabetes and my vision suffered. I visit eye doctor every 6 months. Last time, my doctor said your eyes improved so much, your vision also improved. What did you do? I have been taking Total Vision Care for 2 years.

Koh, Los Angeles California- 

" I couldn't renew drivers license because I failed the vision test. Now I passed the vision test and was able to renewed my drivers license. I am taking Total Vision Care." 

By: admin | July 18, 2013

Hi , My name is Greg G from North Vancouver  BC. I am regular customer of Natural Ways Heath Food Store on Lonsdale Ave in North Vancouver. 

The store manger who use to work at Platinum recommended trimboost and I am just starting my 4th bottle. 

Over a 4 and a half month period since I started taking trimboost, working with a trainer and modifying my diet I have lost 42 lbs. 

I also had  high blood sugar ( type 2 diabetic). My blood sugar with along with losing weight /exercise and taking trimboost is now almost at a point where I won't be classified as diabetic.

I would highly recommend and endorse trimboost to anyone.


By: admin | April 04, 2013

  • Dini Petty has signed on as the Platinum Brand Ambassador. She'll be on CityTV's Vancouver's Breakfast Television on Tuesday April 15 at 8:20am. talking about what she's learned in life.
  • Platinum is hosting a panel discussion on women's health hosted by Dini Petty on Friday, April 12 from 2:00 to 2:45 in room 204 (West building) of the Vancouver Convention Centre. Panel topics will include everything from prenatal care through to menopause and beyond.

    Guest panelists include 
    Platinum Naturals’ own Peter Karner; pharmacist, Bob Mehr; fertility specialist, Doctor Anthony Cheung and naturopath, Alana Shaw. 

    Retailers welcome to come in and ask questions during the open panel Q&A. 

By: admin | March 28, 2013

Platinum Naturals is now in the big leagues with activ-X multivitamin. activ-X is the only Canadian made multivitamin that is NSF Certified for Sport and is now jumping the border in their take over of Major League Sports. You'll be surprised how many pro teams are on board! Here they are with more to come.