By: admin | January 07, 2015

Hi Heather
I have returned to Canada for 4 weeks and thought you would be interested in our most recent experience with Allimax.
Starthrower Foundation has two education support centres in the north of Haiti, one in the mountain village of St. Raphael , the other in Cap-Haitien. Currently we support a total of 170 secondary and postsecondary students.
When I returned to Cap-Haitien in November , the cholera epidemic was at its height. I had travelled with a large portion of the  Allimax your company  so generously donated. One by one I met with each of our students based in Cap, explained what Allimax was and how it worked and offered it to them on a daily basis for 2 months. Ev...

By: admin | April 29, 2013

"I suffered from terrible seasonal allergies that consisted of a stuffed nose, itchy throat, chronic sneezing, watering eyes and hives. My allergies became so unbearable that I found it impossible to concentrate in school, I could not go outside, was constantly wiping my eyes and nose. 

I had tried using natural and over the counter medications but they only worked for a few days, after that I was right back to my same ordeal. A friend of my family suggested Allimax and gave me a bottle, I started taking 3 a day and over the course of 10 days my allergy symptoms quickly became non-existent. With Allimax, I remain symptom free all summer. 

Zachary Case, Kamloops, BC.

By: admin | February 16, 2013

The colds and flu's in our area seem to be getting worse over the last two years. Maybe this is from new resistant strains in our environment?  My whole family got viral meningitis last year, somehow I avoided it but my wife who rarely gets sick (worked in child care for 15 years) was hit really hard and the cough lingered for many months after. My research led me to purchase a nebulizer. 

I wanted to treat the lungs and system directly through the lungs since the systemic approach with high dose oral supplements alone was not doing a fast or thorough enough job under the circumstances. The lingering cough was completely eliminated last summer after 4 nebulizing sessions. See the nebulizing formula I used below.